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"A poetic celebration of land and life. This collection of poems, centered around a particular place, the Ramapo Mountains of New York and New Jersey, is inspired, in part, by the local geology, biology and human history. With such precedents as Charles Olson's "Maximus Poems" and William Carlos Williams' "Paterson", the poet seeks a deeper connection with the greater Earth processes for both himself and the reader."


The original meaning for "Rama" was "runes."

Pough = Pow = priest.

The name may mean "runes (on sticks), from which the priest recites history poems."

The LENAPE HISTORY was composed as small pictographs on sticks.  Each stick referred to an unique self-validating memory verse.

The LENAPE history was saved by a LANAPE man in Ohio.  LENAPE were Catholics that spoke Norse.

What happened to the Priest and the sticks?  Because the words and sticks were omitted from history, the most rational guess is:

The English Protestants killed the Catholic priest and burnt the sticks.

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