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The Wynland of West short course is an opportunity to update your understanding of NORSE in the Red River Valley.  The short course is a comprehensive, coherent review of the archaeological and linguistic discoveries of the last seventy years.
These  developments were made too recently to be added into the history books.  The developments  have provided increased credibility that the NORSE in the Valley is a valid segment of North American history.   The Red River Valley is now one of the oldest historical areas in North America with many artifacts and testimony to support the coherent 4,200 year old history. 

Did the NORSE really come to the Valley?

Thirty-four years ago, 4 archaeologists, 7 Ph. D.s and 16 respected scholars united to make a film for the educators to use to teach that fact!.  [Note: this lag between the research proclamation and educational revision of history taught in the classroom is typical of other paradigm shifts.]

Is there other testimony to support their proclamation?

Six hundred and sixty years ago the NORSE people, themselves,  started to record the oldest American history.  One-fouth of that history is now deciphered.  The history tells about a 4,000 mile, 235 year migration through north east North America.  The route of the LENAPE migration is traceable on old French maps. The history tells about the same locations and some of the events that the 27 scholars identified.

A recent NORSE 
WATERWAY TOUR further supported the proclamation.  When they prepared the tour guide, the tour guides discovered a large man-made jetty in Stakke Lake.  

A land owner near the jetty stated he had a large stone with a hole in it on his own property near the lake.  Later during the tour, the bus driver identified a second man made jetty.  Then a passenger on the bus, who was familiar with the area, guided the driver to a spot where four large stones with holes in them appeared to define an ancient gathering place.

Thus the tour resulted in the recognition of two ancient man-made jetties and a doubling of the number of stones with holes in the area from the original five to ten.  This evidence indicates that there was a NORSE Waterway.  People, who understood the plausible history, saw additional evidence, which indicated the tour bus was following the correct waterway.

The oldest American history can be correlated to nine known historical facts, six geographical locations and the Vikings Visitors conclusions.