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When the waves were calm
in the land they left,
the Lenape lived together there
in strong hollow houses
 with thick roofs.
(LENAPE historian, AD 1350)
Hi, I amMyron.

I invite you to join in a quest to develop an university curriculum for the TRUE ancient history of North America.
The TRUE ancient history was suppressed by 17th century Englishmen, who used suppression by omission tactics, and deliberate use of bogus names for American people and languages.

The 17th century English in America wanted to suppress ancient history because they knew that most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Old Norse.

If the Pope, who enforced the Doctrine of Discovery, knew the Americans spoke Norse, he would have proclaimed that North America belonged to Norway.

 In England, during the 17th century, Englishmen were engaged in religious  warfare.  The 17th century Protestants cut the head off a Catholic King.  In America, the Protestants called the Catholics, “savages.”

Then, later, another English Catholic king would establish the Dominion of New England over the Puritan colonies.   The English Protestants response was to suppress all information about American Catholics and to call them "savages" or "Indians".

Many of those Catholics spoke Norse.  The English were eager to agree with the French that the "Indians" spoke "Algonquin."

For four centuries American students have not been taught that America’s people were mostly Catholics.
There were few Catholics in the colonies before the U.S. Bill of rights, with the freedom of religion clause, was ratified.

But then, only Catholics, who came from Europe were acknowledged.   In the 19th cencury most of the Catholics, who were called  "Indians," were moved by force to migrate to land west of the Mississippi.

Some of thhe Lenape in New Jersey escaped the forced migration by going to church regularly--like loyal Catholics do.

Thus the TRUE ancient history of North America was, and remains, suppressed.

The history taught in universities becomes a paradigm.  The current paradigm is a myth that suppresses Catholics, who spoke Norse.  The paradigm should be changed to include "Catholics, who spoke Norse.

  Changing of history paradigms requires, at least, a semester course.  Universities should teach a semester of a TRUE America course.  Fortunately, an 18-week course of the LENAPE history is available.  LENAPE historians’ created the LENAPE history as they lived through the ancient episodes of America.  They created the history to inform their descendants.

Each week the students study LENAPE history stanzas, rune stones, and Norse words found in North America.  Answers are presented at the end of the week.

The Ancient American Magazine, Archaeology of North America before Columbus, has published several articles of the Norse in America.   

A final challenge of the course is to have the students place the conclusions of the articles into the TRUE ancient North American history.

I asked you to join me in the quest because you have an university teaching role.  I hope you will accept the quest.  Reply to me so I can add your name to the Quest list.  

But if you decline to search for someone to teach the TRUE ancient North American history, I would appreciate a reply from you.  I would like to know what element of my request needs to be strengthened.   

If you chose to ignore my request for feedback, I will understand, --the suppressors, your teachers, taught you well.  

You, too, like them, will continue to suppress by omission.  Unless those on this quest defeat the suppressors, like you. our grandkids may never know that there were other True histories of ancient America. 

 Those histories will have been suppressed by omission.

      The ongoing exploration

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Hi, Fellow American,

I am Myron.

Sixteen years ago I started to research a mystery of history: what happened to 4,000 people, who vanished from Greenland?

The real short answer is that they walked to James Bay, Canada.  Their descendants walked to the Atlantic coast via the Dakotas, which was a migration of about 150 years.  Some of them are still in New Jersey.

I learned that the people from Greenland were not the first to come to America to “save themselves.”  They were the second “wave” of Norse to come to America. 

The Norse were following the COPPER TRAIL, which was created 4,200 years ago, when people from the east side of the Atlantic rowed boats to pick up the pure copper around Lake Superior.

I, and maybe you, had learned that the original Americans came over the Bering Strait.  That paradigm is false. 

But the English used the false paradigm to enable their conquest of what they said were “savage, pagan, aboriginals.” 

The English knew the “aboriginals” were Catholics, who spoke Norse.  Their own charters said that the English  could NOT settle where Christians were already settled.

The Pope in Roam was Europe’s ultimate power broker.  The Pope had published a Bull that defined the “Doctrine of Discovery.” 

Any European King, whose men discovered a PRISTINE WILDERNESS, where there were NO Christians. could claim the rights to govern the land.

 The nasty English men in America chose to violate their charters.  They attempted to annihilate the people they called "aboriginals.
English promoters, who knew better, described America as a PRISTINE WILDERNESS.  The PRISTINE WILDERNESS was a MYTH, but the English in America taught the MYTH as a paradigm,

So you are most likely descended from Catholics, who spoke Norse.  But, because, as a kid, you swallowed the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm, hook, line and sinker, you may not want to believe your ancestors were really Catholics, who spoke Norse..

You may want to believe that there were NO white people in your family.  You may want to believe that your ancestors certainly did NOT speak a “white man’s” language.  You may be content to believe your ancestors were Aboriginals, who came from Asia 10,000 years ago.

Those beliefs are what the 17th century English wanted us to believe.  Whoever you are.  Whatever your ancestors spoke is OK to the English.  

Because those erroneous beliefs reinforce the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm.  Savage, pagan, Aboriginals” are covered by the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm.  But “Catholics” and “Norse” are not.  The English made sure that we, kids, did not learn about them in school.

Those words may cause people to think too hard about the reasons the words have been suppressed from American history.  Well, why were they Catholic and Norse left out?

That your ancestors spoke Norse is an easy fact to prove. 

Study lessons about the Old Norse language.  Most Americans may find a common Norse language* more familiar than the many Algonquin languages the English tried to ram down your throats.

Purchase the Viking and the RED MAN volumes.  Look up Norse words in the DROPBOX of the VIKING and the RED MAN.

Accept the fact that your ancestors were white.   They suffered a traumatic suppression for four centuries.

Change American history.  Advocate that ALL the facts should be published in history books.

. "The past is gone
and cannot be changed."
"Those who do not know
 the past, are doomed 
to let others
write the history."

* http://myronpaine.blogspot.com/2016/06/many-americans-spokkd-norse-paradigm.html