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Biography of Myron Paine

Dr. Myron Paine
Lenape Epic
#209, 1700 Broadway Street
Concord, CA

Hi, I am Myron,.

I grew up on a farm in South Dakota. 
 I was an avid reader.

Before I was out of high school, the “white faces” among the Mandan Indians inspired a lifelong fascination with prehistoric Americans.

[I now have evidence that the Mandan were Norse, and probably Christian.]

I earned a PhD in Engineering.
 But I prefer to be called "Myron.”

My reading, of choice, has always been history.

I taught in two universities:  South Dakota State University, 1958-1963 and Oklahoma State University, 1974-1986
I worked for International Voluntary Services and for Air America in Laos (Asia), 1963-1966.

.I was an Oklahoma State extension, agricultural engineer, 1966-1970.

.I was a regional extension engineer, covering ten Great Plains states 1971-1974.

I wrote over fifty work-related articles.

I was honored by an Outstanding Young Engineer award and then, later, a 25 year award by the Agricultural Engineering Society.

I was honored to be in Who’s Who in Engineering, 1977.

I have had work projects in Mali (Africa) and Kuwait (Asia Minor)

I worked as an electrical and avionics engineer for three aviation companies, 1986-1999.

.After I retired in 1999, I read one to two books per month on Greenland and/or Northeast America. In Feb. 2001 I found the Walam Olum pictograph 3.16.  I recognized the pictograph and stanza to mean the people from Greenland walked over the ice to America.

.I developed that hypothesis.

I wrote a historical manuscript with fictional characters to illustrate that humans could have walked over frozen Davis Strait..

Galde Press, Quality Books That Make a Difference, published the manuscript as two books:
Frozen Trail to Merica, Talerman,  and Walking to Merica.  

The books sell at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Their resale value remains high.

A decade of concentrated focus on Old Norse language and pre-history Americans resulted in a hypothesis that the Lenape had the ethics of Christ.  [The Lenape also spoke Norse.

[Added Oct. 2014] 
Karl Koenke and I observed much evidence of man-modified terrain in Minnesota, which enabled the Lenape to float boats from the Hudson Bay watershed to the Mississippi  watershed.   We conducted a tour to show 43 observers the waterway route.  During the tour, two people on the bus pointed out two additional man-modified terrain features that we had not observed.  Their discoveries are firm evidence that we were on the waterway route from the Hudson Bay to the Mississippi river.

An Unexpected find, the 1720 Carte Du Canada, revealed the migration route of the Lenape.

A second unexpected find, "Children of the Morning Sun." describes the Lenape migration from the "city under the city," located in Turkey today, to Connecticut.

A third unexpected find by Troy Swain, may show the pictographs of the Lenape who went to Connecticut, and beyond!.  The pictographs appear to show the continuation of the Lenape down the Atlantic coast and west around Florida to the Mississippi River.

Then I began to develop the MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE hypothesis.

Now, I am on a quest to find a university Anthropology, History or Linguistic departments that will VET the evidence for the LENAPE History.