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Original pictographs & English translation of Old Norse sounds.
~Formatted for smart phones.
\~Norse History of North America from about
 AD 1000 to 1363

  ~Ends with a stanza similar to the one on the
KENSINGTON rune stonewhich is now thought to be genuine.

If the Rune Stone is genuine, the LENAPE HISTORY should be also.

See Appalachian
Shawnee Tribe

An 18 week semester course of the 38 stanzas grouped into 18 episodes.

   ~Each episode should be assigned as homework in conjunction with a weekly assignment in an existing Early American History Course.
     ~Allot 30 minutes per
        week for discussion.
~The episodes include:
.     ~The Norse settling of
         North America, 
 .      ~The Catholic religion 
           comes to America.
           to become the
            SHAWNEE (southern
             Lenape) and the
             LENAPE (Greenland)
    .       ~The LENAPE
The episodes each Include a link to artifacts that are evidence that the English NEW WORLD MYTH is bogus.
Each episode Includes the look up of Old Norse words to teach the viewer the use of the VIKING and the RED MAN  DROPBOX


~Links to contents of LENAPE LAND BLOG
   ~Use the links to go directly to Stanzas.

Links to episodes in North American history before the LENAPE migration in the 14th century.

~Includes the copper hauling era (2200 to 1200 BC)
~Three mIIlion people from the east side of the Atlantic paddled 200,000 boats over the PAN NORTH ATLANTIC waterways to haul away a BILLION pounds of copper from Lake Superior.  
The people on the east side of the ATLANTIC used the stolen copper to create and sustain the BRONZE AGE.

~Includes the historical episodes of the ADEANA Culture and the HOPEWELL culture , which followed the copper hauling era.

~The people of the Adena Culture used Tifinaq symbols in Africa, the Baltic Sea and in North America.

~The HOPEWELL culture had Hebrew script including the decolog, which was found in two regions of North America.
  • The LENAPE EPIC ncludes the Norse settlement in North America, which is called the 
  • MISSISSIPPI culture.

"WYNLAND OF WEST" are words punched into the KENSINGTON rune stone. 
~The words refer to the Norse settlements above FARGO, ND-MOOREHEAD, MN.

~The route of I-94 from MOOREHEAD MN to MINNEAPOLIS MN passes over the waterways that the Norse used to move their boats into the Mississippi Basin.
The professors, who teach the 17th century English NEW WORLD MYTH, have long ignored the accumulation of Norse artifacts along the I-94 route.  Many of artifacts are listed in this Blog.
Paradigm Shift is a blog dedicated to presenting evidence that the Eurocentric NEW WORLD paradigm of North American history is bogus. 

The paradigm in everybody's head should be replaced by a paradigm that includes the evidence of artifacts and the Norse language found in North America.

The LENAPE history ended in 1585, when the Englishman, Ralph Lane shot the LENAPE historian in the head.

~The LENAPE LEARNING posts are LENAPE history, but the topics are arranged in index order.


The LENAPE history is also a Catholic history, which has NOT been taught because the English suppressed the knowledge of Catholics, who spoke Norse by omitting the n.

This post encourages
Catholic professors to teach the LENAPE

An invitation and a preview to the Blue Mountain Lenpe encouraging them to study the LENAPE HISTORY COURSE.

The Blue Mountain Lenape are descentants of the LENAPE, who were Catholics, who spoke Norse.

An invitation and a preview to friends of the  Lenpe encouraging them to study the LENAPE HISTORY COURSE.

The friends of the Lenape learn that the LENAPE, were Catholics, who spoke Norse.

The LENAPE first came to America by paddling their canoes along the waterway that was created by the people from the east side of the Atlantic, who came to haul away copper.
   ~This map features a canoe route from Greenland to the"Island in the sea," which was the Minnesota Horst.
   ~The Minnesota Horst was the best way to move a canoe or a boat from the Christian Sea (a.k.a. Hudson Bay) to the Mississippi basin.
This route gave the Catholics, who spoke Norse access to the Mississipian culture waterways.

The PATAVOMEK tribe is living evidence that when the English invaded, most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse.  
   ~Those Catholics called themselves LENAPE, which means to "abide with the pure."