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The LENAPE knew Virus WARFARE.
42. Well-Praised was chief;
        he fought at the south.  
(HE STOPPED DESOTO)  The Dot above the hilt is small pox from DeSoto to LENAPE.
42. Wulakeningus sakimanep shawanipalat.
43. He fought in the land of the Talega and Koweta.
43. Otaliwako akowetako ashkipalliton.
44. White-Otter was chief; a friend of the Talamatans.
44. Wapagamoshki sakimanep lamatanitis.
45. White-Horn was chief; he went to the Talega,  WHITE-HORN CARRIED THE SMALL POX TO THE LAND BEFORE THE MOUTINS.
45. Wapashum sakimanep talegawunkik.
46. To the Hilini, to the Shawnees, to the Kanawhas.  TO THE ILLINIOIS, TO THE SHAWNEES(OHIO) AND TO THE KANAWHAS (KENTUCKY) -- Look at the small box dots.
DeSoto's smallpox and other viruses made America an underpopulated NEW WORLD for the English--who were tolerant of the European viruses.  Those viruses began to kill again when the English landed.

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