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The Catholic Church came to Anerica in 1125
In The Red Score: The Baffin Island Crucible, Patrica Sutherland wrote,
"The purported evidence includes a mix of clear misattribution such as the colonial-period Newport Tower, obvious forgeries of which the Kensington Stone is the prime example, and a wide array of simple frauds and naive misidentifications (Linderoth Wallace and Fitzhugh 2000; Wahlgren 1986).
As a result, the archaeological community has become wary of claims relating
to precolumbian European activity in the New World and responds vigorously in questioning such assertions.
This stance has been a justifiable reaction to patently false evidence in areas that are geographically distant from the known Norse sphere of activities."
Sutherland's statement is unfortunate.  The Newport Tower was meticulously researched by Holand, who published
"Explorations in America before Columbus in 1958.
Holand presented evidence that would convince most juries that the Newport Tower was a keep of a 14th century Norwegian Church.
Suthernland apparently did not read "Explorations in Americs Before Columbus."  If she had read Holand's book, she might have agreed that both the Newport Tower and the Kensington Rune stone were authentic Norse artifacts.
. Sutherland also wrote, "patently false evidence in areas that are geographically distant from the known Norse sphere of activities."
. She did not have a paradiggm that 16 men could row a boat, or paddle a canoe, into the Mississippi River Basin.  
There are three major and several minor rune   stones through out the Mississippi River Basin.  ALL of them appear to be authentic.  The runes can be interrupted and the messages they convey are consistant with the time and place.  So Sutherland's statement ("patently false evidence in areas that are geographically distant from the known Norse sphere of activities.") appears to be "patently false" testimony.

No wonder.  She gives as reference "Wallace and Fitzhugh 2000; Wahlgren 1986.
. These guys work for the "other side."  The people in the "other side" believe the 17th century English NEW WORLD MYTH.
They do not know why they think evidence of Norse in America is patently false evidence but they DO KNOW that any Norse artifact MUST be labeled a fraud somehow.
If Norse arifacts are not frauds, then the NEW WORLD MYTH must be BOGUS.
. I compared all the artifacts labeled a "fraud" by Wallace and Fitzhugh 2000; Wahlgren 1986
against the original evidence and testamony.
I was left with a question:  Why was EVERY artifact declared a "fraud," when I, an Engineer, who knows how to calculate time and distance, was concluding that most of the artifacts were authentic?
Was there a flaw in my paradigm or was something sinister happening in the pages of 2ooo.
Why would the authors and publishers of the book 2000 use nearly two thirds of the pages to describe how the many Norse artifacts were a "fraud"?
That was the beginning of my "other guys" paradigm.
. I respect Patrica very much.  I am distressed that she was suckered into spreading the "other guys" NEW WORLD MYTH.  I hope someone can explain to her, and us on this BLOG, that the SMITHONIAN works for the other side.  Every thing they say or write must be checked against evidence and previous testamony.

When I checked I found more than 5oo artifacts that were NOT
patently false evidence.

I stopped counting years ago but my guess is the the "Other Guys" have labled over a thousand Norse artifacts as "frauds."  Frauds do not get taught professors in schools.  Thus Early American History is profoundly distorted because the evidence has been suppress by omitting it from school curriculums.

The fact that the invaders in the 17th century could stumble on an effective propaganda scheme that could make the Catholics, who spoke Norse be suppressed for four centuries, boggles my mind.

Even more mind-boggling is the evidence that those "other guys" could so profoundly distort  history that they brain-washed a respected researcher like Patrica to spread their NEW WORLD MYTH.

The situation is daunting.  As you read this, professors in 4,500 North American Universities are teaching their students to defend the Other Guy's NEW WORLD MYTH.

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