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Steve Hilgren wrote:
     “Here is a link I came upon a few years ago, when I had been contacted by a film group from Washington, who were making a Viking Movie series. I have not heard if they completed their project.

The text states that "Norse "Vinland" was the final choice suggested, namely the Cowichan Valley in the southeast corner of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada”

We MUST rebut this Post with valid evidence.  Otherwise we will be left with another faulty interpretation of the LENAPE History.

Viewers, who do not take the time to look at the evidence, may conclude that the LAST VIKING, VIKING VISITORS to NORTH AMERICA, and LENAPE LAND are all of the same quality—suspicious  and not worth believing or reading carefully.

This is another case of a bad article spoiling the accumulated understanding of the LENAPE history.

The LAST VIKING states:

that we do NOT know where the people of Greenland went.

         That statement is NOT valid.  We have the LENAPE HISTORY of their migration in America until AD 1585.

that the Norse reached the Pacific Coast via the free [melted ice] water in the Arctic passage.

The LENAPE history said that they “went everywhere”  Lenape words like “Kennewick" and "Yakama" in Washington state are evidence that they did.  But they probably pioneered the Lewis and Clark trail centuries before Lewis and Clark did.  That route is mostly a water route.  The LENAPE were at home on the water.

Those are a couple of the “Biggies.”  There appear to be more.

See if you can find them and write something in the comments.

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