This data is for a FACTUAL story, Fourteen Norse Ships lie along the Viking Waterway.
On August 14 ff, 2014 I saw the pageview spike (above) and, later, the extended pageview activity for my FACTUAL post, Fourteen Norse Ships lie along the Viking Waterway.
In the time span shown, I had 1682 pageviews to the Fourteen Norse Ships... .
Notice the viewer activity to the left.
You should be able to discern my concern that a factual post gets so little viewer activity until a fake news story creates interested viewers.
Did the fake story taint all posts about Norse Christians?  
Did anybody pause to ponder over the reason why valid evidence has so little interest and an erroneous paradigm, learned in school, have so much response.
The fake story of the Vikings in the Mississippi attracted viewers because the story challenged the accepted paradigm.  The fake story might have been just one more minor piece of probable evidence to a documented, well known history. 
The previously known valid evidence is convincing that the Vikings (Norse Christians) were in the Mississippi for more than 500 years.
The fake story did not change the valid Norse Christian history.  So viewers may not have responded like they did. 

But the fake story may have entrenched the Columbus was first paradigm, especially when the viewer discovered the evidence was fake.
The evidence of the Viking Waterway (below) is compelling factual information that should convince most viewers that the Norse Christians floated over the Viking Waterway to reach the Mississippi long before Columbus sailed.

Most of your students are carrying Smart Phones into class.
The factual history about the Norse Christians in America is in LENAPE LAND, formatted for smartphones.
If you truly teach the plausible histories of America, the small spike I show above will be overwhelmed by 3 million student pageviews.  I look forward to seeing millions of pageviews.
The kids are smart enough to separate fact from fiction.  But first they need to know where the factual evidence is. 
That is where you, the educator, become involved. Do not teach the kids one irrefutable, but erroneous, paradigm, guide them to the valid data of many plausible histories.
      38 stanzas of the oldest American history, from Greenland (1125)
.          .                                                                           to Sisseton, SD (1380)

                 The Norse rowed to eleven states.  They were Wyoming, Dakota,
                 Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan,
                 Massachusetts and Connecticut.
                 Click on How to find the meaning of most Algonquin words 
                 to look up the answers for yourself.

     Lenape-Shawnee (a.k.a. Norse Catholic) history.
       The Maalan Aarum is the oldest American History [AD 1350 to 1585]
        The Maalan Aarum Genesis is the oldest known version of Genesis.

            The Lenape made a 4,000 mile 235 year migration from Greenland
             to Atlantic coast via the Dakotas.
.                In America the Vikings called themselves "LENAPE."
                    The Southern Lenape (Shawnee) went south.
                     The Lenape-Shawnee made significant contributions 
                     to North America history.
        There has been a continued suppression of information about
         Norse Christians in North America for 650 years.

WYNLAND of WEST, Table of Contents
      The words "Vinland (Wynland) of West" were carved into the Kensington Rune stone.  
        The location of Wynland of West may have been near Ulen, (O Pure) MN.
          VIKING WATERWAY Update.

 Norse Christians in America
                   Why did we NOT learn about Norse Christians in history classes?   
.        The NORUMBEGA Story
                                       Why was Norvegr in America called Norumbega?

                   The MYTHICAL NORUMBEGA Story
                               How Norumbega became a myth.
             Norse Christians worshipped here in AD 1300
        LOK MAP 
                      shows evidence that the English stole Norumbega.


History of the LENAPE HISTORY

            Evidence of VIKING VISITORS to NORTH AMERICA
         VANGUARD of VIKINS in the VALLEY
               AMERICAN PARADIGM.

Continue to ask:
          Why is there so much written
                           about COLUMBUS.
           and so little about 
                          NORSE Christians?



.Fact. Norse Christians have been in North America
          since AD 1050.  They were formerly Catholics, who were stripped of
          Catholic administration during their migration in the Little Ice Age.
           Nature [the Ice Age] separated Church and State.
           The Church became the local congregation with a local medicine
            man/shaman, who taught the bible stories, treated illness, was
            a spiritual advisor, and presided over the life changing episodes like               birth, name day, marriage, and death.
            The State was descended from the Nordic Althing.  Norsemen were
             accustomed to independent action including the right to speak.
             The Thing was a meeting of the multitudes, where the men discussed
             the way society should be.  Usually a local Judge, called a Sakkym,                  would make the final decision if there was disagreement.
              [Iceland became Christian when he Judge decided it should be.]
Fact. Norse Christians were along the Atlantic coast, 
          when the WASPs invaded.  
          The Norse Christians wore crosses and had beliefs like Catholics.  
           They knew the ten commandments, the Golden Rule,
          they knew the Lazarus story, the Jesus story, about life everlasting,
           and they had a "mother" in every temple. They DID have temples.
           The Wasps mistook Norse Christians for Catholics, 
           whom they treated in America as they did in Europe.  See below.

Fact. The WASPs exterminated Catholics and Norse Christians 
           from AD 1612 to later than 1720.
Fact. The WASPs purged most of the evidence
           of Catholics and Norse Christians in early American history.
Hypothesis: This lack of evidence of Norse Christians has profoundly
                   distorted North American history.
We are all involved.  
We all learned early American history without being told that the Norse Catholic, the Catholic, and other plausible histories were suppressed.  
We continue to accept the WASP version of early American history as the only valid history because we do not know what knowledge was suppressed centuries ago.
Some of us help to write the early American history curriculum.  Without including the suppressed knowledge, we are promulgating a myth.
We should be involved in recovery of suppressed knowledge.  Truth is one attribute many people treasure.  "The truth will set us free."
The students of today should be empowered with the knowledge to seek the truth.
We are all involved.
Let us do SOMETHING!
         Start by reviewing the Norse Catholic history in LENAPE LAND.
         Become aware of the the Catholic suppression in .SUPPRESSED.
         Advocate recovery of the supp



All tribes that speak Algonquin have some Norse Ancestors. 
The Norse were in North America 1,000 years ago.  
Look at the [light tan] regions in the map below 
to see where the Norse lived.

Norse was spoken in the light tan area south of Hudson Bay
and in the darker tan area near the mouth of the Mississippi



The Wynland of West short course is an opportunity to update your understanding of Vikings in the Red River Valley.  The short course is a comprehensive, coherent review of the archaeological and linguistic discoveries of the last seventy years.

These  developments were made too recently to be added into the history books.  The developments  have provided increased credibility that the Vikings in the Valley is a valid segment of North American history.   The Red River Valley is now one of the oldest historical areas in North America with many artifacts and testimony to support the coherent 4,200 year old history. 

Did the Vikings really come to the Valley?

Thirty-four years ago, 4 archaeologists, 7 Ph. D.s and 16 respected scholars united to make a film for the educators to use to teach that fact!.  [Note: this lag between the research proclamation and educational revision of history taught in the classroom is typical of other paradigm shifts.]

Is there other testimony to support their proclamation?

Six hundred and sixty years ago the Vikings, themselves,  started to record the oldest American history.  One-fouth of that history is now deciphered.  The history tells about a 4,000 mile, 235 year migration through north east North America.  The route of the Viking migration is traceable on old French maps. The history tells about the same locations and some of the events that the 27 scholars identified.

A recent VIKING WATERWAY TOUR further supported the proclamation.  When they prepared the tour guide, the tour guides discovered a large man-made jetty in Stakke Lake.  

A land owner near the jetty stated he had a large stone with a hole in it on his own property near the lake.  Later during the tour, the bus driver identified a second man made jetty.  Then a passenger on the bus, who was familiar with the area, guided the driver to a spot where four large stones with holes in them appeared to define an ancient gathering place.

Thus the tour resulted in the recognition of two ancient man-made jetties and a doubling of the number of stones with holes in the area from the original five to ten.  This evidence indicates that there was a Viking Waterway.  People, who understood the plausible history, saw additional evidence, which indicated the tour bus was following the correct waterway.

The oldest American history can be correlated to nine known historical facts, six geographical locations and the Vikings Visitors conclusions.   



There are no planned presentations due to family, age, and health factors.
I will consider speaking if invited.  The considerations will include time, distance, and audience.
        Forty-five tourists viewed the Viking Waterway evidence
        from Lake Park MN to Alexandria, MN.  Preparation for the
        tour booklet resulted in the discovery of ??? more possible
        man-modified terrain features including:  a large jetty, two
        dams, three dikes, a 1.2 mile straight channel, a 0.4 straight
        channel, a 4 mile portage area, a harbor beside the dikes, and
        the remains of three modified lakes.
        During the morning of the tour in progress, local residents
        recognized an even more ancient jetty and four stones with
        holes that identified an ancient meeting place or headquarters
        of the Vikings.
July 16 2013 Wynland of West, Detroit Lakes Community Ed.
May 3&4, 2013  Norway Day at San Francisco:
The Norway day crew showed the Viking Waterway Map, to run the Viking Visitors Video, and to passed out Viking-Lenape information.
Sept 22, 2012, 8th Annual AAPS Conference on Ancient America, Holiday Inn, Marquette Michigan. 
The Viking Visitors to North America was viewed.
Vikings were in northeastern America by 1,000 AD.
The Vikings called themselves Lenape.
Lenape were still in western Minnesota in 1362.
The Lenape migrated through northeast America 1350-1585.
The Lenape and 25 other Christian tribes are still here.
 May 5&6, Norway Day SFO
The focus of the Norway day was to show the Wynland of West developments.  We visited with an interested group of Norwegians.  We were encouraged by a number of people, who told us how they enjoyed reading the Frozen Trail books. 
.We got several "Keep up the good work" statements. But, alas, we concluded that our age and transportation complications meant that we should not plan to return next year.
The Norwegian Club of San Francisco accepted our displays 
March 29, 2012. 
Kean University, NJ, History of American Indians class, Dr. Esposito, + 15 students.  Two hour presentation.
Paradigm PowerPoint plus full Thomas E. Lee Video. Interested students, Three came up to shake my hand. 
Students now have the paradigm shift PowerPoint + scriptFrozen Trail to Merica (FTM) manuscripts, and Reider T. Sherwin's the Viking and the Red Man on flash drives.  This information may be copied from students their interested friends.  All the students have the Lenape Migration route map with the evolved tribes on the back.
The Kean history department has the FTM books and will receive an annual subscription of the Ancient American Magazine (AAM).   The five lead articles in the March issue of AAM have authors from four different North Atlantic countries [Norway, Iceland, Canada and USA.  Their articles describe supporting evidence [Copper Trade, Shelters, Cairns, Norse artifacts] and testimony [Greenlanders' and Erik's sagas and other Norse information including Icelandic sources] for the Lenape Migration and the Paradigm Shift.



As the Frozen Trail web site and the Lenape Migration Blog developed, other researchers would ask, "What do the Americans (Indians) have to say about your research?"
My response usually is, "EurAmerican suppression of EurAmerican history is an Euramerican problem."
But, fortunately,  Americans have contributed written words, money, and effort to further the development of the web site, Blog and the Paradigm Shift Blog.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
Now here is another statement by an American that puts a large stamp of approval on the Lenape Migration.
The data that the Family Tree Project has compiled is very, very strong evidence that:
when the invaders came to America, they were met by NORSE CHRISTIANS, who called themselves LENAPE, SHAWNEE, BLACK FOOT, CHEYENNE, MIAMIE, MOHICAN and about twenty other names
the arrogant invaders, who carried weapons to kill humans, profoundly distorted the EurAmerican history of America by causing devastation first and NOT asking questions later.
the Maalan Aarum (a.k.a) is the oldest American history.  Unlike most Early American History books written by people with the Eurocentric Paradigm, the Maalan Aarum gives an accurate account of past events.
Gene Park U.S. Navy Ret.
 BS. Bible, Thg. Theology 
Ret: Clark State Community College.
"I am of Shawnee decent, Pekowi or Piqua division. [I] have been working with the Piqua Shawnee Project on Family Tree (FTDNA.com) for about six or so years.
"It is a closed project, however folks can have FTDNA put y-DNA into it by calling FTDNA.  We desire only those of Shawnee decent, however other folks of [American] decent would be welcome.
"I do have a few words concerning your research and facts that I have observed in our research.
"Beyond a shadow of doubt, we have observed many migration patterns of the ancient Shawnee people and other tribes.  It is fact that on the northern route into the United States, the Norse people mixed with [American] peoples. (I.e. Inuit) and that is 98.7 percent fact, confirmed by y-DNA.
"One other factor that crossed my mind is the division of tribes and speech during the confusion of tongues and dispersion of the people at the tower of Babel as recorded in the bible. 
"To add to authority and truth of the scripture, after the temple at Jerusalem was destroyed and the children of Israel were scattered all over the world.
The new nation of Israel, which exists today, [has] wanted to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. 
"However all the priests and workers had been scattered to all four directions over the earth.  To reestablish the temple the priest had to be of the same family as in the days of old.  So came, during our time and just a few years ago, the Cohen Project at Family Tree and guess what, to the best of my knowledge, they have located these families and stand ready to rebuild when the time comes. 
"So Myron, DNA located all these families with 98.7 percent data exactly correct.
"Again Myron, I know you are on the right track with your American data and [I] commend you for your hard work."
Do YOU believe in the suppression of history?
TAG!  YOU are it.  Do Something!



Email from Myron to Tom (Norway)
January 9, 2012 5:06:43 PM PST

This is a 1979 film, It may have been started about the time the Canadian Archaeology academics were forcing Thomas E, Lee out of their professional associations.  He was already printing his own "Anthropological Journal of Canada" so he could publish.  I judge this film to be archaeologically honest about the knowledge in 1979.  Notice that the accepted view is now that the Norse came only to Lanse Aux Meadows.  The Eurocentric paradigm says they could not stand living there and left after a few years.
That paradigm, which says that only a few Norse came and want, saves the Eurocentric Paradigm.  According to that paradigm there were no Norse, let alone millions of Christian Norse, when the English devastated North America.  Just would not appear popular today if our English ancestors killed millions of Christian Norse people to be able to invite the germans, and the rest of Europe, to come in and farm.
Lee's two publications of 1966 and 1970 were far too threatening to those people trying to deny Norse presence in North America.  Archaeology professionals still want to maintain the myth that America was a pristine wilderness with only a few natives, who were pagans.
The Eurocentric academic  professors do not know how to cope with the concept that the people in America in 1500 may have included millions of Norse Christians.  The English came promising to convert Americans to be Christians.  They did not expect to find Norse Christians setting on the richest land.
Lee's conclusions need to be updated because of further research:
1.  The Long houses were built between 0 and 500 (carbon dating), which would indicate a northern European culture, probably Danes, coming to harvest seal oil.  (Movat, Farfarer.)
2.  The Long houses were revisited in the 1350-1400 period (Carbon data), which coincides with the Lenape Migration.   The upper layer of artifacts was probably Norse, not Thule.
BTW some authorities think the Thule were descended from Norse.  Fifty eight percent (58%) of modern Thule men cannot be separated by Y-chromosome from men in 12 Northern European countries.
3.  Evidence of holes inside the stone walls indicate that the roofs were arched vs gabled.  Arched roofs require less timber mass and all of the long houses were above the timber line.
4.  Photographic evidence indicates that the cairns held up food storage granaries.  True they were placed in strategic places but they were granaries.  In the Sagas Leif's men found a "granary" but nobody near it.
5.  Their report supports the hypothesis that the granaries were built during the Coppper Trade, 4200 to 3200 years ago when the miners walked into Lake Superior when the ice would make traveling possible.
The Lenape Epic and the Frozen Trail to Merica cover these details and more.
On Jan 8, 2012, at 7:35 AM, Tom Thowsen wrote:

7:35am Jan 8

1979 documentary by the National Film Board of Canada. For more info: http://www.onf-nfb.gc.ca/eng/c...