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Norse Christians have been in North America since AD 1050  AD.
They were formerly Catholics who were stripped of Catholic administration during their migration in the Little Ice Age.
Nature [in the role of the Ice Age climate] separated Church and State.
The "Church" became the local congregation with a local medicine man/shaman, who taught the bible stories, treated illness, was a spiritual advisor, and presided over the life changing episodes like birth, naming,  marriage, and death.

The "State" was developed from the Nordic Althing.  
Norsemen were accustomed to independent action including the right to speak.
The "Thing"was a meeting of the multitudes, where the men discussed the way society should be.  The Norsemen were expected to live up to the agreements made at the "Thing."  Norsemen were each expected to be enforcers of the agreements.
.Usually, if there was a disagreement, a local Judge, who was called a "Sakkym," would make the final decision.

[Iceland became Christian when  a Judge decided the religion of Iceland should be Christian.]

Norse Christians were along the Atlantic coast, when the WASPs nvaded.
The Norse Christians wore crosses and had beliefs similar to Catholics.  

[The Norse Catholics had a "Mother" (of Jesus) in every temple, similar to the Virgin Mary in every church.]

The WASPS knew about the Mother of Jesus but they called her a “Monster.”  They destroyed the temple, burned the history sticks, and wrote that the "natives were pagan."

But the Norse Christians knew the ten commandments, the Golden Rule, the Lazarus story, the Jesus story, about life everlasting, and they had a "mother" in every temple. They DID have temples.

The Wasps mistook Norse Christians for recent French Catholic converts, who they also exterminated and suppressed.  See below.


The WASPs exterminated Catholics and Norse Christians from  AD 1612 to later than 1720.

The WASPs purged most of the evidence of Catholics, including Norse Catholics during the 17th century of American history.


This lack of evidence of Norse Christians has profoundly distorted North American history.


We are all involved. 

We all learned early American history without being told that the Norse Catholic and other plausible histories were suppressed.  We do not really know what knowledge was suppressed centuries ago.  We now have enough evidence to conclude that much was suppressed.

We cannot continue to accept the WASP version of early American history as the only valid history.
Some of us write the early American history curriculum.  The only history in the curriculum is a myth created by 17th century WASPs.  We do wrong by not publishing evidence that reveals the suppressed knowledge.  If we do not publish the evidence, we are promulgating the myth.  

We should be involved in recovery of repressed knowledge.  

Truth is one attribute many people treasure.  
I.e. "The truth will set us free."

The students of today, who seek the truth, should be empowered with all the knowledge.

We are all involved.
Let us do SOMETHING!

Start by reviewing the Norse Catholic history in LENAPE LAND.

Become aware of the Catholic suppression of the 17th century.

Advocate recovery of the suppressed information.

       Demand that elementry school children see the
       list of Norse Artifacts in North America.

       Demand that alternate histories, like the Lenape.
       Catholic, Norse, French, Spanish, and others, 
       be taught in the same classes as Early American