Biography of Myron Paine

Dr. Myron Paine
Lenape Epic
1716 Elderwood CT
Martinez, CA
Hi, I am Myron,

I grew up on a farm in South Dakota. I was an avid reader.

Before I was out of high school, the “white faces” among the Mandan Indians inspired a ife long fascination wit pre-history Americans.

I earned a Ph. D in Engineering. (I prefer the title of “Myron”)

My studies and reading, of choice, has always been history.

'I taught in two Universities:  South Dakota State University, 1958-1963 and Oklahoma State University, 1974-1986.

I worked for International Voluntary Services and for Air America in Laos (Asia), 1963-1966

I was an Oklahoma State extension, agricultural engineer, 1966-1970. I was a regional extension engineer, covering ten Great Plains states 1971-1974.

I wrote over fifty work-related articles. I was honored to be in Who’s Who in Engineering, 1977. I was honored by an Outstanding Young Engineer award and then, later, a 25 year award by the Agricultural Engineering Society.

I have had work projects in Mali (Africa) and Kuwait (Asia Minor)

I worked as an electrical and avionics engineer for three aviation companies, 1986-1999.

After I retired in 1999, I read one to two books per month on Greenland and/or Northeast America.

In Feb. 2001 I found the Walam Olum pictograph 3.16. I recognized the pictograph and stanza to mean the people from Greenland walked over the ice to America.

I wrote a manuscript to develop that hypothesis. I wrote a historical manuscript with fictional characters to illustrate that humans could walk over frozen Davis Strait.

Galde Press, Quality Books That Make a Difference, published the manuscript as two books:
Frozen Trail to Merica, Talerman,  and Walking to Merica.

A decade of concentrated focus on Old Norse language and pre-history Americans resulted in a hypothesis that the American Lenape had the ethics of Christ.

A recent find, the 1720 Carte Du Canada, may have revealed the migration route of the Norse, who had called themselves Lenape in Greenland.  

Now, I am on a quest to find the university Anthropology, History and Linguistic departments that will vet the evidence for the Lenape Migration.