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Red Paint People

Ted Timreck made a film about the Red Paint people twenty four (24) years ago.  He was working for the Smithsonian when the program was filmed.  Ted’s video is called, “The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People,” with a 1987 copyright under Tim Reck Productions (Bullfrog Films)
   NOVA ran an hour PBS program featuring Timreck’s film in 1987.  The video is still available.
    The video implies in his film that the Red Paint Artifacts including similar religious altars are found on both sides of the Atlantic.
     A good web site that discusses the Red Paint artifacts is called Red Paint People of Maine.  The Red Paint People of Maine information was created by arrchaeologists, who were not comfortable writing about the cross Atlantic artifacts.
      Note that the extents of the Red Paint artifacts would imply that the people across the North Atlantic spoke a common language at a very early date.
      One possibility is that the Red Paint people used row boats.  To row from Norway, in the east, to Labrador, in the west, took only three weeks with the rowing time from land to land being less than six days.  So, the time required to make the ocean crossing by row boat would be well known for each leg.  The fresh water supplies between lands would have been minimal.  Modern attempts to make the same voyage have shown that the food could have been supplied by birds and fish. 

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